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Executive and Committee Elections

A full list of the positions that will be elected at the next General Membership Meeting November 10, 2020




Research Employees Collective Agreement

The first collective agreement for our new members, the research employees for the University is now available!  It can be found in our Collective Agreements

section of the website!



2019 FALL SCHOLARSHIP WINNER Parvin Yazdanparast
See the Scholarship section to read the winning submission 



   Executive and Committee Elections – November 13, 2019
(Results of this Election is now in the Minutes for this meeting)


September 2019 Newsletter

Executive Message

We want to take this opportunity to say welcome to another school year at the University of Regina. As students old and new flood the halls in the coming weeks we know that the members of CUPE 5791 will be there to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

As some of you may know our President,  Jamie Mellor, has been on leave this summer to serve at CUPE national. However, this doesn’t mean that acting President Shane Belter and the executive haven’t been busy helping members.

A new collective agreement for our members at Mackenzie Art Gallery was negotiated this summer, and members working for Chartwells have been supported as food services completed its restructuring.  These are just two highlights from a long list of member’s issues and concerns that were taken care over the summer months.

As we head into September we want to remind you that your executive is here for you. We hope everyone has a great start to the 2019-2020 school year!

CUPE 5791 Needs You!

Did you know that CUPE 5791 only has one paid position? Unlike other unions on campus only our President (or acting President) get paid to do union work full time. This means that everyone that serves as table officers, on the executive, or on various committees is often volunteering their time to help every member of the union. This is why we need your help.

Firstly, we can’t be everywhere or see everything. If you see unfair treatment, APT or out of scope employees consistently doing CUPE work, or unfair hiring or interviewing that ignores seniority we need to hear about it. You can report any issues through the CUPE.5791@uregina.ca email or approach any member of the executive if you want to talk or ask questions.

Secondly , we need more members to get involved. A strong union is one with many voices working for change. There are vacant positions on committees like the social or communications committee that need to be filled. Such committees would only take an hour of time every few months, so please considering volunteering and adding your voice to decisions made for the union.

Lastly, come out to general meetings. General meetings are a chance to hear any union news,  and vote on any issues or vacant executive positions. It is also a chance to show the employer that CUPE 5791 members care about each other. The next general meeting will be September 11th and the next election meeting will be November  13th. Both are scheduled for AH 527.

Collection of Personal Emails

            Currently everyone in the union can receive emails through their uregina accounts, but in the future, during bargaining, or if there is a strike, union communications could not be sent using this system. In addition many of you may not even use your uregina email address.

With this in mind we have begun a process of collecting personal email addresses. Like any other email subscription you would be in control of the updates you receive to this email address. If you want to provide us with your personal email address you can go to our main web page where there is a submission form: https://5791.cupe.ca/

Choosing Contribution Amounts for your HSA and PSA

As we head into fall the time to choose the contribution amount for our Health Spending Account (HSA) and Personal Spending Account (PSA) comes around.  In late October you will receive an email from HR asking how you want to allocate your $800. If you make no selection all the money will be put in your HSA, which has limited uses compared to your PSA. However, it is important to remember that money put in your PSA is taxable so please consider your individual tax situation when making your selection.

Every year approximately 27% of our workforce doesn’t use all of their HSA/PSA benefit amount. This is a benefit that was hard fought for at the bargaining table so we encourage you to use it.