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May 2019 Newsletter

President’s Message

As we head into the summer months and the university grows quieter, it’s a time for us all to recharge and prepare for the new school year to come.  Though union business also tends to slow in the summer we will continue to work on ensuring you have a great place to work and resolving grievances in a timely fashion.

During the summer months we will not be holding a General meeting in July or August but you can send any concerns to us via email to cupe.5971@uregina.ca . We hope all of you will be able to spend time with friends and family during the fleeting Saskatchewan summer. Everyone in the executive wishes you a safe and happy summer.

Becoming Educated about the Union

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the union? Are you interested in becoming more active in CUPE 5791? Attending union sponsored training is a great way to do both!

As part of our annual budget we have allocated significant funds to allowing our members to attend conferences and educational events sponsored by both the CUPE union and other labour organizations. Calls for attendees are made regularly at general meetings.  We do also try and post educational opportunities on the website at https://5791.cupe.ca/education/.

If you want to attend any of these education opportunities you can put your name forward at a general meeting or you can email CUPE.5791@uregina.ca.

Using your new Personal Spending Account (PSA)

As part of our new collective bargaining agreement, signed with the university in 2018, CUPE 5971 members now have the option of allocating funds to a health spending account (HAS) or a personal spending account (PSA).

In November you would have been asked to allocate your available $800.00 dollars into the accounts. The PSA is a taxable benefit, but it does allow for more flexibility in what you can purchase. A number of you might have gone out in January with your new PSA and purchased gym memberships or new running shoes, but a question we have been asked is how do I claim these benefits?

Unlike your HAS, PSA expenses cannot be reimbursed through Sunlife’s online portal.  You are required to fill out a paper form. This form is available through Human Resources’ intranet system. Simply use the Quick link on HR’s webpage to log in and you will find the form under: Benefits & Compensation –Benefits-flexible spending accounts-personal spending account. Once you select this section you will be given all the details to submit a claim. You can also contact HR if you have any questions about the benefit.

Every year approximately 27% of our workforce doesn’t use all of their HSA/PSA benefit amount. This is a benefit that was hard fought for at the bargaining table so we encourage you to use it.

Collection of Personal Emails

            Currently everyone in the union can receive emails through their uregina accounts but in the future, during bargaining, or if there is a strike, union communications could not be sent using this system. In addition many of you may not even use your uregina email address.

With this in mind we have begun a process of collecting personal email addresses. Like any other email subscription you would be in control of the updates you receive to this email address. If you want to provide us with your personal email address you can go to our main web page where there is a submission form: https://5791.cupe.ca/

2018 Scholarship Awards

We are happy to announce that we had two excellent submissions for our 2018 scholarships. Our topic for the year was: “Should Unions run candidates in Municipal, Provincial or Federal elections and why?”

The winter scholarship was awarded to Sarah Arscott, a student worker in FSGR.  Sarah summed up the question by writing:

“Unions play an important role in society especially for their members they serve, but by becoming more politically active, unions and union members can have a greater impact on politics and society. In order to become more politically active, unions should run candidates in elections at the Municipal, Provincial, and Federal levels of governments.”

Our Fall scholarship was awarded to Maeve McKinnon, a student worker in the RO. Maeve summed up the question by writing:

“Canadian worker unions and union members play a vital role in Canada’s community, both in and out of the workplace. Unions and their members promote and understand not only employee’s rights, but also social causes that span race, gender, socioeconomic status, and age. Many Union members gain experience in the fundamentals of politics and governance through participating in various positions within their workplace Union. Unions should consistently run candidates in elections at the Municipal, Provincial, and Federal levels because their members are familiar with promoting and supporting employee’s rights, they are part of a larger

community that supports social justice, and Unions are able to present candidates who have experienced the operation of a political environment.”


The quotes above are just excerpts from some wonderful submissions. Congratulations to Sarah and Maeve!