The CUPE 5791 Scholarship was established to assist student employee members of CUPE 5791 who are pursuing full time studies at the undergraduate or graduate level at the University of Regina.
Eligibility: The $1500.00 scholarship will be awarded to a University of Regina undergraduate or graduate student who meets the following criteria:
– must be a Student Employee member of CUPE 5791 at time of application
– registered in full-time studies for the semester in which they are applying
– must have a minimum University of Regina average of 60%
– must submit a short essay, not to exceed two pages, on the topic selected by the scholarship committee
Topic for Winter 2024 Scholarship:
The labor movement is comprised of a diverse array of unions. Is it incumbent upon individual unions to offer support to other unions during job actions that do not directly impact them? If so, what are two to three strategies by which they may provide such support?
Cover letter is to include position, department, email address and a short bio.
Note: As a condition of your scholarship application, you are authorizing that your submissions may be acknowledged and/or reproduced in CUPE correspondence.
Past Winners:
2023 Fall 2023 – Sayeem Md Abdullah : Do Unions have a moral obligation to take a stand on political issues? If so, what are 2-3 ways they can do so.
2023 Winter -Mwila Munganama: What issues should a modern Union be advocating for to better reflect the world around them. If so how should they go about this?
2022 Fall ($1000)- Comfort Fasinu, Eimaan Agha, Lindsay Demchuk: Work from Home: what are the potential impacts and solutions on Union / Work engagement when you aren’t all physically present in the workplace.
2019 FALL – Parvin Yazdanparast – How do Unions Effect Equality in the Workplace